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Episode 61 – Areva Martin

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 61 features Areva Martin, the American civil rights attorney and media expert. We discuss Areva’s road to success, her time at Harvard Law, how she inspires and impacts the community and what it means to be ‘America’s Advocate.’ See what advice for law students and entrepreneurs Areva has to share in this episode.

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Episode 60 – Ian McFarren

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 59 features Ian McFarren, lawyer and podcaster at Lockdown Law Podcast. We discuss Ian’s law practice in Watsonville, California, and his passion for representing a diverse clientele such as farm workers, police officers, construction workers and people from all walks of life who are injured on the job.

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Shalane Bharath

It took years of so much struggle and hardship to bring me to this point, and I know it was never easy getting here yet I overcame. From the panic attacks during the all-night study sessions for that exam I…

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The Martin Sisters

We are the Martin Sisters, Michael & Morgan. As two sisters, born five years apart, both with a passion and talent for athletics, we dreamed of being professional tennis players on the tennis circuit. Separately, injuries short circuited those plans.…

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Gohar Abelian

The legal field can be very addicting.Remember to put yourself on the top of your to-do list.My why: I’m just out here trying to be the best mom I can be — setting an example for my kids.And trying to…

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