Natalia Bialkowska, NB Law Firm

Law has always been my dream job. I am one of those people who knew what she wanted to do since super early days on. I was conducting divorce proceedings between my teddy bears and dolls since I was 5 years old. For the record, I’ve never been a family lawyer in my career. My innate passion for law got confirmed with my very first internship – at the age of 19 – at the Supreme Court in New York City, NY. I worked under Honorable Karen Smith, who allowed me to sit in on motion hearings and trials, as well as draft over a dozen of judicial decisions, all of which she ended up subscribing her name to. Upon such experience, it was only obvious that I had to go to law school. Since then, I had quite a long-winded path through various law firms – both in the United States and Canada – to eventually, end up where I am at now. Having moved to Canada as a new resident in early 2020, I founded NB Law Firm in September of the same year. The times were quite unusual – the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I started NB Law Firm because I wanted to provide those in need of legal help with the type of a law firm that I would hire myself. In my prior work experiences, I was lucky enough to learn a lot, both the good and the bad. Taking what I liked and mixing it with what I would want to see improved, allowed me to create a law firm of my dreams.

Natalia Bialkowska, Esq.

Founder & Owner
NB Law Firm