Gina Occhipinti Borasi, Esq.

I believe my story is important for many to hear because it shows aspiring lawyers that financial wealth is not required to start a law practice and be successful. I graduated from law school and passed the California State Bar in 2008.

I remember feeling ecstatic and like every opportunity was available to me. That feeling did not last long! The United States was in a recession in 2008 and there were hiring freezes all throughout California. I was unable to get a job anywhere. Since I was a personal injury paralegal for seven years, I knew a lot about personal injury and law practice management. I decided to open my own firm. I remember opening my business account with $100 and my business trust with $60. It was very scary for me – I was starting with nothing. I worked as a personal injury attorney during the day and as a cocktail server in the evening. I kept my overhead low by doing an office share. Also, I worked as an independent contractor for other attorneys doing legal research, preparing pleadings, and making court appearances. After about three years as a solo practitioner, I was hired by a Monterey County personal injury firm.

Approximately four years ago, I reopened my personal injury firm in Santa Cruz County. I have incredible clients. I truly love being a solo practitioner and owning my own business. The support of my husband, family, friends, colleagues, and the Santa Cruz community have been instrumental in my success. If anyone has any questions about starting their own practice, please feel free to message me! I would love to help anyone who would like some guidance.