Jordan Jones

I want to pass along some really good advice that I found very helpful in my own career. There’s a great quote from a young author – “don’t throw away parts of yourself.”

For any aspiring lawyers: law school, and then building your practice, is rewarding, but can also be draining and overwhelming. It is dangerously easy to neglect your personal life in favor of your profession. Don’t skip going to the gym, seeing friends and family, your hobbies, etc., to meet the demands of a legal career. If you do, you will wind up unhealthy, unhappy, and ultimately unsuccessful.

All of your professional success flows directly from your efforts. You are the goose that lays the golden egg. I box because it keeps me healthy and balances my life. Don’t throw away the parts of you, that make you who you are; embrace them! These are the things that will keep the golden goose healthy and producing for years to come.