Spencer Aronfeld, Esq.

I am a personal injury lawyer based in Miami, Florida. My practice focuses on representing the injured and their families as plaintiffs in cases involving: injury cases on cruise ships, civil trials, premise and motor vehicle liability litigation.

Why I Became a Lawyer: During high school in Wichita, Kansas one of my dearest childhood friends, Carrie Marcus, was diagnosed with incurable cancer. At the time, I did not even know what that meant. Carrie missed most of our senior year. And when she came back to school, she parked in a handicap space. She did not have the handicap decal and the school gave her a bunch of parking tickets. One day in class, she was relating this to our teacher. He told her to tell the principal. I asked if I could go and help her.

I went to the principal and “argued” her case. He could see that she was ill, far more than I had realized, and agreed to waive the parking tickets. She thanked me for speaking for her. That event has stuck with me throughout my life. I had a feeling of enormous happiness, knowing that I was able to help my friend. I was always told that I would make a good lawyer. No one ever said that I would make a good anything else—not a good bicycle racer, football player, cook or doctor. It was always, “You would make a good lawyer.” I was not sure I wanted to go to law school. I was intimidated by the big books that law students dragged around. My father told me I would love law school. I thought he was crazy since I had always hated school. He was right; I was wrong. Once in law school, I discovered I liked the idea of representing people.

I graduated from law school in 1991 and I decided to focus all of my energies into the representation of the weak, the hurt, the forgotten, and those victims who cannot speak for themselves. I have refused representing big business, insurance companies, or the government. To me, every client is Carrie Marcus, and I am proud of it.