Episode 61 – Areva Martin

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 61 features Areva Martin, the American civil rights attorney and media expert. We discuss Areva’s road to success, her time at Harvard Law, how she inspires and impacts the community and what it means to be ‘America’s Advocate.’ See what advice for law students and entrepreneurs Areva has to share in this episode.

0:00 Intro & Background

Meet the American civil rights attorney and media expert featured on CNN, Areva Matin. Areva discusses her strong work ethic rooted from her upbringing in St. Louis.

5:03 – Harvard Law School Experience

During Areva’s junior year of college, she was inspired by her conversations with fellow students who were on track to go to law school. Areva had a desire to make a difference in the world after seeing the injustices within her own community. Becoming a lawyer would allow her to do something about it.

Areva attended Harvard Law School after being accepted to all 10 law schools she applied to including Stanford, Yale, University of Chicago and more.

She was constantly inspired by experiences and discussions with fellow students and encourages others to join in on stimulating conversations to learn and grow.

10:25 – Early Career After College and Opening Martin & Martin 

Areva discusses her summer jobs while studying at Harvard Law. One, in particular, that landed her in Los Angeles, California. She fell in love with the weather and decided to come back after graduating.

In 2005, Martin & Martin was formed and quickly became a leading firm in the area. The firm has been recognized for being the largest African-American, women-owned law firms and one of the largest African-American-owned firms in Southern California.

During her career, Areva took a brief sabbatical to write a book and start a nonprofit. This took her on a path to write several more books and grow her nonprofit further. Her career continued to flourish and she began commentating and hosting on television.

If that wasn’t enough, she also recently started a health tech firm called butterfly health. No wonder she considers herself a serial entrepreneur. She advises other entrepreneurial lawyers to learn what they are doing in order to fully understand the areas they are passionate about.

14:08 – Advice for Lawyers Who Want to be Entrepreneurs

Areva tells lawyers interested in being entrepreneurs to learn what they are doing or want to do. Take courses in the areas you are interested in or want to learn more about and find mentors who can help you navigate those waters.

Learn what you’re doing. That’s the biggest lesson I would tell people. I didn’t go to business school, and somedays I wish I had gone to business school. I learned how to run a business in the midst of running a business.”

Areva Martin

16:41 – Autism Social Justice NonProfit – Special Needs Network, Inc.

When Areva’s son was born with autism, she turned her efforts toward learning and responding to the needs of those in this community. She became an advocate for autism and providing disability rights and social justice causes and built a premier nonprofit in the state of California. 

You can learn more about Special Needs Network, Inc. at www.snnla.org and find out about the amazing training tools and information from this incredible organization.

21:23 – America’s Advocate: Giving Voice to the Voiceless 

            Areva dives into what it means to be known as America’s Advocate and her pursuit to give voice to the voiceless, root for unities, stand up for others and lend a helping hand.

23:43 – Awakening: Ladies, Leadership and the Lies We’ve Been Told (Areva’s new book)

            Learn more about Areva’s upcoming book, AWAKENING Ladies, Leadership, and the Lies We’ve Been Told. The American civil rights attorney was inspired to write and partake in the ongoing conversations surrounding political justice that occurred during the pandemic. She takes a hard look at the systems in society that have held women back and offers solutions that allow for everyone to have a seat at the table.  

28:08 – Advice for Students Interested in Law School

30:52 – Make it Rain! (Areva’s National Best-Selling Book)

32:32 – Special Report Series and CNN Interviews

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