Erica H. Rose, Esq

I have started The Erica Rose Law Firm PLLC, which I feel combines all of my knowledge, experience, passion, and expertise. I represent and advocate for single parents as well as others going through family law issues such a divorce and child custody. I also am practicing entertainment and media law and guiding individuals in the entertainment industry to make wise career decisions as well as protect their personal and professional images. I was originally inspired to go to law school by my younger brother, Ben Rose, who is also a practicing attorney in Houston. At the time that I made the decision, I was living in Los Angeles and working as a Page at Paramount Pictures, and had just been a contestant on the popular television show “The Bachelor”.​

I decided to move back to Houston for law school and join Ben at the University of Houston. While in law school, I continued my career in reality television and filmed several shows. Therefore, it made sense to me to move back to LA after law school and earn my Masters of Laws (LLM) in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern Law school.

After completing my LLM, I moved back to Houston to be closer to family. I am married now and have two young daughters. I took and passed The Texas Bar Exam when I was nine months pregnant with our youngest daughter Aspen – she was born five days later! The day I found out that I had passed my Bar Exam was one of the happiest days of my life.

I started my career working at a big family law firm, however I ironically found that I was not spending enough time with my own family. Starting my own practice was not the easiest decision but I knew that it was the right one for me and my family. Also, I wanted to be able to expand my practice areas, to include entertainment and media law as well as general civil litigation.

I am really proud to be the only attorney in Houston who I know of who has a masters of law in entertainment and media law. That degree was honestly harder for me to earn than my JD. I really did learn so much in the program and I feel that combined with my experience in the entertainment industry sets me apart from other attorneys in Houston.

​I am willing to be flexible as well when it comes to fees because of my strong desire to help those who cannot advocate for themselves.

In addition, I have started a podcast called Legally Mom. On the podcast, other attorney moms and I discuss relevant legal issues, current events, and trying to find that work-life mom balance. We interview guest who are making a difference in the legal and mom community. I hope that our podcast can be a platform to inform, inspire, encourage, and connect.

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